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Elements Of A Good Parenting Plan

When mom and dad decide to end the marriage, the kids are often left feeling stranded and unstable in a world where they aren't sure what is going to happen. As parents work through financial and emotional issues related to divorce, an important piece of the puzzle is creating a parenting plan that works for your family. Every family is unique, but there are general guidelines that should be followed when creating a parenting plan.

When divorcing parents have teens

Teens can have very different needs and a very different life situation than younger children. So, it is no surprise that some unique concerns can arise for parents when it comes to their teens, particularly when life-changing events occur, such as divorce.

The importance of avoiding custody exchange conflicts

Among the many things that the coparenting relationship generally involves after parents split are custody exchanges. These exchanges are when the kids go from one parent to the other (such as when one parent is giving the other parent the kids for that parent’s visitation time).

Tips for grandparents whose adult kids divorce

Being a grandparent has all kinds of unique concerns connected to it. Some special concerns can arise for grandparents when their adult kids get divorced. In such a situation, a grandparent may be very worried about the wellbeing of both their child and their grandchildren.

While single parenting has challenges, it also has positives

Many challenges can arise for a parent in relation to a divorce. One thing that can sometimes prove complex and difficult is getting the right child custody arrangement in place. Skilled family law attorneys understand this and can provide divorcing parents with guidance and advice aimed at trying to help get an appropriate and well-tailored custody setup in place in as smooth a manner as possible. 

Visitation time and the best interests of the children

When it comes to visitation, as is the case for all child custody matters, the most important thing is doing what is in a child's best interests. It is vital for custodial parents to keep this in mind when it comes to concerns they have regarding the other parent's visitation time.

Might divorce be particularly tough on boys?

Lots of things can change for a kid when their parents divorce. An important thing to note is that the effects of a divorce of parents on children is not some uniform thing, but rather something that will differ for every child. Many things can impact how a child will react to a divorce and what sorts of challenges they could face in connection to it. One is a child's individual characteristics. For example, as a recent study indicates, a child's gender might have impacts on what things are like for them after their parents divorce.

Addiction can raise special issues in a divorce

All sorts of things can impact what kinds of issues come up in a divorce. This includes the specific circumstances of the divorcing individuals. One type of circumstance that can raise a variety of special issues in a divorce is if one of the divorcing parties suffers from an addiction, such as alcoholism or a drug addiction. 

When divorcing parents have toddlers

There are numerous things that can be very important when going through a divorce when one has toddlers. One is working to get a child custody arrangement in place that properly factors in the specific situation of one's family and which protects their toddler's specific bests interests.

How important is it for teachers to know about the divorces of students' parents?

One thing divorcing parents might be particularly worried about when it comes to divorce and the children this time of year is what school-related impacts the divorce could have on the kids.

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