"I slept at night knowing Howard was my attorney"

  • When a relapsing alcoholic husband left Belinda seeking a divorce, she knew she had to have the right team in place to handle her situation. With her children’s best interest in mind, Belinda sought the guidance of The Shapiro Law Firm.

    When Belinda met with the firm, she knew she was in the right place. The Shapiro team was there for Belinda, helping her handle a difficult situation in a way that was best for her, for her children and for her case.

    Presenting a strong, unified front, The Shapiro Law Firm was able to help Belinda focus on what was most important to her; focusing on her children and being present for them.

    "My story is better, my kids are better as a result of having Howard and his firm walk us through a very difficult journey."

"I knew I had to get the best legal team that I could possibly get."

  • When 5-time MLB All Star Torii Hunter needed it the most, The Shapiro Law Firm came to his aid. When his son was accused of sexual assault, Torii knew that timely action was of the utmost importance. He knew he needed sound guidance and aggressive representation in order to successfully defend his family.

    One phone call to The Shapiro Law Firm is all it took for Torii to know he was in the best hands possible. Through extensive investigation and detailed legal attention, the charges against Torii’s son were ultimately dropped.

    "They made me feel comfortable that I could leave it in their hands. They fought for my son the same way I would have fought for my son."