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August 2011 Archives

Public Sentiment Leans Toward Equal Child Custody in Texas Divorces

It has been traditionally held in most Texas divorce cases that complete -- if not primary - custody of the child often goes to the mother. However, public sentiment is changing to favor equal child custody. As the role of women has changed a great deal in our society, so too has the common conception about their role in the family unit. Slowly but surely, the father is being thought of as more than just a monetary provider in his child's life.

Popularity of Prenuptial Agreements in Dallas

As evidenced by several family law specialists, prenuptials are becoming the norm by society's standards. Contrary to popular belief, a prenuptial agreement does not indicate that there is a lack of trust between partners, or an anticipated divorce on the horizon. In fact, you shouldn't even let a premarital request sap the romance out of your proposal. Taking the time to create a plan for property division in the event of divorce is in essence, one of the smartest business plans you'll ever make, and it can help ensure an amicable split should the unforeseeable occur.