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August 2012 Archives

Following Divorce, Concentrating on Children Prevents Ongoing Issues

A recent study indicates that divorced couples can be better parents is they concentrate on their children instead of their relationship issues - a conclusion that many may have already guessed, but now has been validated.

Child Custody Orders Difficult When Parents Live in Different Countries

Usually, child custody determinations are a matter for state family courts, but a recent international child custody dispute had made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court - and falls well beyond the normal "best interests of the child" analysis.

Trying to Be "Nice" During a Divorce Can Actually Create Problems

Couples contemplating divorce are often facing one of the most emotionally charged events of their lives. Not only are they dealing with the ending of their marriages, but many couples must also tackle the difficult tasks of property division and child custody. Because of these often complicated issues, many couples are advised to be as amicable as possible when going through a divorce - advice that sometimes causes more harm than good.