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November 2012 Archives

Texas mother, grandmother jailed for interfering with child custody

Child custody determinations can be challenging for parents and their children, as well as extended family members such as grandparents. While parents and grandparents may feel that they should be able to see their grandchildren, they may not realize that custody arrangements may prevent them from doing so, as any Texas child custody lawyer knows.

Bill will let same-sex adoptive parents to have both names on birth certificate

The purpose of adoption is often to give a home to a child who might otherwise be abandoned or left in state-run child care. Adoption also enriches the lives of the adoptive parents, bringing new life to couples who may not be able to have children. As anyDallas gay adoption rights attorney knows, the state of Texas requires that a birth certificate be signed by a man as the father, and by a woman as the mother, leaving same-sex couples who adopt with only one of them as the parent on the birth certificate.

Texas woman jailed for beating sister unconscious

While many people believe that the methods a parent uses to discipline a child should not be subject to public scrutiny, sometimes a parent or guardian's actions may cross the line and the authorities may need to step in. Any Texas domestic violence attorney knows how difficult it can be when child need to be removed from an abusive environment.

Dallas Cowboys player charged for domestic violence

Often, the term "domestic violence" brings to mind the physical violence or emotional abuse of one spouse by the other spouse. However, the term can also encompass violence or other abuse between any family members, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows. This can include violence from parent to child, sibling to sibling and even child to parent. Unfortunately, domestic abuse victims do not always come forward to get the help they need.

What could bigamy charge mean for Fort Worth woman's divorce?

When a couple gets married, each spouse can usually safely assume that the other is not still married to another person. Marriage to more than one person is illegal in every single state, which is something a Dallas-Fort Worth divorce lawyer is likely to know.

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