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February 2013 Archives

Texas bill could give same-sex couples legal protections

Currently, the Texas Marriage Amendment mandates that marriage is defined as a union between one man and one woman. This law bars same-sex couples from having many of the same legal rights as opposite-sex couples have. However, this could be about to change, as any Texas same-sex family attorney knows, due to the introduction of a bill, which if passed, would allow civil unions between same-sex couples.

Dallas mayor plans rally to increase domestic violence awareness

Domestic violence is not just an issue that affects individuals and their family members. Rather, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows, it is something that can become an issue for entire communities.

Man fights for custody of daughter after mother abducts child

Finding out that a child is missing can be a traumatic experience, and a parent's worst nightmare. Any Texas custody lawyer knows that experience can take a turn for the worst when the abductor is the child's own parent. Kidnapping of a child by a parent can be a devastating family issue and one where the other parent can feel helpless.