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May 2013 Archives

Morality clause in divorce causes issues for same-sex partners

Divorce can be a trying and stressful process for couples, especially when there are children involved. As any Collin County same-sex family lawyer knows, in many circumstances, provisions that are intended to look out for the best interests of the children may end up causing other issues in the process.

911 phone call examined after domestic violence killing

In times of emergency, many people's first instinct is to call 911 for assistance. Over time, not only has the phone number become ingrained in the minds of the public, but people have come to trust and rely upon the system to get them help in a timely manner. However, as any Dallas family violence attorney is aware, a 911 call does not always yield immediate response.

Eight Dallas children abandoned by mother placed in foster care

For most parents, providing a safe and happy home for their children is their highest priority. However, as any Dallas child custody lawyer knows, not all parents have the ability or the drive to care for their children. Child abandonment or mistreatment can happen for many different reasons, and Child Protective Services may have to step in to protect the child's best interests.

Texas Attorney General says same-sex benefits unconstitutional

Several cities throughout Texas, including Austin, El Paso and Fort Worth offer benefits to domestic partners. The first school district in Texas to offer benefits to domestic partnerships was Pflugerville Independent School District, which is in an area outside of Austin. However, as any Texas same-sex attorney knows, the subject of benefits to same-sex couples and domestic partnerships is a hot-button issue these days.

Same-sex partners and nonmarital agreements

Same-sex family legal issues are no different than those faced by heterosexual couples. From child support and adoption to financial planning, same-sex partners regularly seek the assistance of Texas Same-Sex Family Attorneys to assist them with all sorts of family law matters. While it may come as a surprise, despite the fact that same-sex marriage is not legal in Texas, there are many ways for same-sex partners to protect their legal interests.