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July 2013 Archives

Gay father wins Texas court battle to keep visitation rights

Major attitudinal shifts are occurring in family law decisions throughout the country, including Texas. In particular, gay and lesbian parents are more often seeing their parental rights upheld in court. This stands in contrast to the way judges tended to rule even five years ago.

How will the 401(k) be divided in your divorce settlement?

Retirement accounts started in the course of a marriage are categorized as community property in a Texas divorce. That means the retirement account will be split between the divorcing parties. For decades, real estate such as the family home was the biggest asset to consider, but now, as more baby boomers are deciding to end their marriages, significant funds in 401(k) and pension plans can be more valuable than real property.

Prenups and postnups: the growing role of marriage contracts

Many Dallas residents are aware of the evolving role of the prenuptial agreement when it comes to marriage. In the past, prenuptial agreements were generally frowned upon. They symbolized the end of a marriage before it even begun. And besides, the two spouses were gearing up for the happiest day of their lives. Who would want to discuss complicated financial matters and the prospect of divorce under those circumstances?

50 Cent accused of committing domestic violence

Domestic violence cases can involve a wide variety of alleged violent actions. One type of allegation such cases sometimes involve are allegations of violent actions against a romantic partner. A case that involves such allegations has recently arisen involving a celebrity.