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August 2013 Archives

Texas Supreme Court to hear cases regarding same-sex marriage ban

Same-sex marriage is currently banned here in Texas. This ban has given rise to many legal questions. Sometimes, when questions arise in connection to a state's laws, the state's supreme court will consider such questions and give answers to them.

Punk band lead guitarist makes divorce filing

Sometimes, domestic violence allegations arise between parties to a divorce. When a divorce and domestic violence allegations overlap, certain issues can arise. Such issues can be very important and how such issues are ultimately resolved can be extremely impactful. Thus, if a person is in divorce proceedings with a spouse who has committed abuse against them, having an experienced family law attorney on one's side can be very important.

Phyllis Lyons files for divorce from Adam Arkin

Recently, some divorce news has arisen regarding a celebrity couple: actor Adam Arkin and actress Phyllis Lyons. Lyons and Arkin have played roles in many movies and TV shows. Arkin's body of work includes "Chicago Hope" and "Sons of Anarchy" and Lyons' body of work includes "All My Children."

Domestic violence allegations brought against TX police officer

Police officers are sometimes required to use force in their line of work. While use of force may sometimes be acceptable in a police officer's work life, there is one part of a police officer's life (and any person's life for that matter) where force is never acceptable: their home life.