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December 2013 Archives

Settlement in Lena Headey divorce contains app requirement

Child custody matters can touch on far more than just which parent a child will live with. The types of issues that can come up in child custody proceedings and negotiations are just as varied as the types of concerns that a parent can have about their child's health and wellbeing. Thankfully, the types of terms custody orders and agreements can contain also are quite diverse. This allows such orders and agreements to address a wide variety of different child custody issues.

Police officers and domestic abuse in Dallas

One of the roles that police are supposed to serve is to protect the innocent from violence, such as domestic violence. Thus, it is very disturbing and worrisome when police officers are accused of having committed domestic violence in their own home life.

Congress considering international parental child abduction bill

The issue of international parental child abduction is a very complicated and emotional one. International parental child abduction is when one parent of a child, without authorization of the other parent, moves out of the country with the child.

DOD and Texas National Guard resolve same-sex benefits dispute

Sometimes, state and federal rules conflict. One issue that such conflicts have recently come up in connection to is the issue of spousal benefits for same-sex couples. How disputes arising in relation to such conflicts are ultimately resolved can have major effects on same-sex couples

Malin Akerman's husband asks for visitation in divorce filing

Actress Malin Akerman and her husband, recent new parents, are now heading for divorce. Our readers here in Texas may know Akerman from her television and film work. She has been in many films, such as "Watchmen," and currently stars in the television shows "Childrens Hospital" and "Trophy Wife."

Ignition interlocks after a DWI: feds propose new type of device

Uncle Sam does not always get what he wants. But when the federal government is determined to get states on board with specific policy charges that depend on state law, the will exerted by that wealthy uncle in Washington often holds sway over the states.