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January 2014 Archives

Study: abuse incidents involving weapons carry higher repeat risk

In some instances of domestic violence, the abuser uses a weapon. One obvious thing that can make such abuse incidents particularly awful is the extreme amount of harm weapons can cause victims. A recent study indicates that there may also be another very ominous aspect of domestic violence incidents involving weapons.

Jon Gosselin planning to sue for primary custody of sextuplets

Occasionally, a parent will seek a modification to an existing child custody order or agreement. One thing that a parent will sometimes make a request for a change to a child custody arrangement in connection to are alleged violations of the arrangement's terms by the other parent.

The Guide to Good Divorce program offers seminars in Houston

When dealing with a divorce for the first time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even a little frightened by the process. That’s because, as many of our readers here in Collin County already know, there are a lot of things to consider when going through a divorce that can range from financial to legal challenges. And while for some people it might be obvious to seek legal counsel right away, for others this might not be the case.

Another Dallas cop accused of domestic abuse

In a post last month, we discussed how, in the past few years, several Dallas police officers have been accused of having committed domestic abuse. Given the terrible nature of domestic violence, one would hope that, moving forward, we would see a reduction in alleged domestic abuse incidents involving Dallas police officers.

Dividing debt during a Texas divorce can be challenging

Property division is a very complex part of the divorce process here in Dallas. A number of married couples have very complicated assets that are not easy to split. And, not only are assets difficult to divide when a marriage ends, but so are debts.

Domestic abuse-related protective orders in Texas can cover pets

One major concern that a domestic abuse victim might have upon leaving an abusive situation is that they might be subjected to further violence. One type of legal protection that domestic violence victims may be able to pursue in connection to such a concern is a protective order. Protective orders can prohibit abusers from coming near their victims.