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May 2014 Archives

Child custody and the very young

Sometimes, child custody matters arise involving babies or other very young children. Generally, the main aim in child custody matters is to reach an arrangement that is in a child's best interests. One question that can arise when it comes to the very young in custody matters is: are there any special considerations that need to be made when it comes to determining what is in the best interests of such children?

Court rules actor can continue his paternity fight

Cases involving parental rights have always had the potential to be rife with complexity. In recent times, however, the capacity for such cases to be incredibly complicated has increased quite a bit due to improvements in medical technology. Such improvements have led to the development of many non-traditional ways for a child to be conceived, such as in vitro fertilization. When a child is conceived through such methods and the individual who donated the sperm for the conception is not married to the mother, many complex family law questions can arise, such as: under what circumstances is the donor allowed to receive parental rights, such as child custody and visitation rights, regarding the child?

Divorce and Credit

What happens during the course of a divorce can have impacts on many things, including one's credit rating. Given how big of an effect one's credit rating can have on one's post-divorce financial life, paying proper attention to the issue of credit during a divorce can be very important. There are several things that divorcing individuals can do to try to protect their credit during a divorce.

How your friends may have influenced your decision to divorce

If you are going through divorce and have noticed that many others around you seem to be doing the same, there might be a scientific reason why. According to new research, people are more likely to end their marriage a friend or a loved one has also gone through divorce.

LGBT parents in Texas might face challenges in receiving custody

Over the last several years, LGBT family law has spent a significant amount of time in the spotlight on a state and national level. Earlier this year, a Texas judge ruled that the state's same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional. Although this has been viewed as a major step forward for families headed by gay and lesbian couples, a stay on the injunction has kept the existing prohibition in effect.