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Divorce filing submitted by Katharine McPhee

It appears that the marriage of the celebrity Katharine McPhee is heading towards its end.

McPhee is a former contestant of the TV singing competition "American Idol." Since her time on the show, she has developed a singing and acting career. She starred in the TV show, "Smash."

McPhee and her husband have been married for over half a decade. According to a representative of McPhee, the couple has been in around a year-long separation. Last year, cheating allegations arose regarding McPhee.

According to TMZ, this spring, McPhee and her husband made a reconciliation attempt. This attempt appears to have been unsuccessful, as McPhee's representative recently announced that McPhee has submitted a divorce filing. In the statement making this announcement, the representative said that the relationship that McPhee and her husband currently have is an amicable one.

As this matter illustrates, a person's path to a divorce can sometimes be a winding one, involving many things, such as separations and attempted reconciliations. Thus, a person can go into a divorce with a lot of conflicting emotions.

Also, individuals who have had a winding path to divorce can have many property division questions, such as: what property is eligible for division and what isn't? There are a variety of different factors that play a role in whether or not a given piece of property is subject to being divided in a divorce. Experienced divorce attorneys understand the various rules of property division and can help divorcing individuals navigate any property division issues that come up in relation to their divorce.

Source: TMZ, "Katharine McPhee - Files For Divorce - From Husband She Cheated On," May 22, 2014

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