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June 2014 Archives

The effects of spousal abuse on a couple's children

The horrible effects of spousal abuse can be wide-reaching. Not only can spousal abuse severely hurt the victim, it also can have major negative impacts on a couple's children. Witnessing an act of spousal abuse can be incredibly traumatic to a child, causing great emotional harm. A recent study indicates that it may even affect a child down to their genetic level.

Texas man heading to jail due to child support clerical error

One thing that authorities sometimes use in child support enforcement is jail time. Most people know that being delinquent on child support payments can lead to a person facing time in jail. What many may not know is that, here in Texas, a person who was delinquent on their child support payments but has since paid up may still face the possibility of jail. Under a relatively new Texas law, when a person is in proceedings regarding failing to pay child support and they pay off the owed amount, the judge in the case still has the discretion to give them jail time for the past delinquency. This law has been getting some attention lately due to a controversial child support case.

Could Bitcoin be an asset concealment threat in divorces?

One of the main goals when it comes to property division in a divorce should be to come to a fair split of the property. One thing that can get in the way of a fair division is when one party in a divorce conceals assets. Sometimes, unscrupulous individuals will try to hide assets in order to come out of a divorce with more than they are entitled to.

Things to avoid when it comes to co-parenting

Many divorced parents find themselves in the challenging situation of figuring out how best to work together to raise their children now that they are no longer a couple. One of the things that may help such parents when it comes to co-parenting is coming up with an agreement regarding child custody and other matters involving the children which sets clear and understandable rules and expectations regarding how the co-parenting relationship will work.

Study: kids of divorced parents may be more at risk for obesity

Childhood obesity has been a major area of concern here in the U.S. in recent times. One thing that it can be important to figure out when it comes to addressing any children's health problem is what children are particularly vulnerable to the problem. A recent study from another country indicates that children of divorced parents may be particularly at risk of weight struggles.