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October 2014 Archives

Dealing with a custody battle

Child custody matters can vary quite a bit in how smoothly they go. Sometimes, parents are more or less in agreement about what the best custody setup would be and are able to quickly and amicably reach a custody agreement. Other times, parents find that their opinions on what should be done regarding custody are so different that they simply aren't able to come to a workable agreement. When this is the case, the parents will generally enter into a custody battle.

Proper preparation can help prevent divorce mistakes

There are many different situations in which mistakes can be costly. Divorce is one of these situations. Divorce proceedings can deal with many different issues of significant importance, including child custody, child support and division of property. Thus, mistakes during such proceedings, even ones that at first glance may not seem that big, can end up having impacts on rather major things, such as a person's post-divorce financial situation or their parental rights.

Denial of federal benefits to Texas same-sex widow challenged

The U.S. Supreme Court decision last year which struck down a portion of the federal Defense of Marriage Act opened up many federal benefits to same-sex couples. However, as we have mentioned in a past post, there are still some types of federal benefits where barriers are present for married same-sex couples who live in states where same-sex marriage is not legally recognized.

What are child custody and visitation called in Texas law?

Child custody and visitation can be major issues in divorces in any state. However, due to the fact that family law differs from state to state, an important thing for parents who are getting divorced to keep in mind is that what specific processes, procedures and rules will apply when it comes to custody/visitation in their divorce case will depend on the law of the state they are in.

Domestic abuse and same-sex couples

Domestic abuse has recently significantly come into the public's focus given what has happened in professional football this season. The vast majority of this public focus is on domestic violence within heterosexual couples. However, domestic abuse is not a problem exclusive to opposite sex-couples; violence can also be an issue within same-sex couples. In fact, a recent research review indicates that domestic abuse may even be more prevalent among same-sex couples than it is among heterosexual couples.