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January 2015 Archives

Terms of an alimony agreement can have tax impacts

Sometimes, divorcing parties set up an alimony arrangement through a written divorce settlement agreement. The terms of such an agreement can be incredibly impactful. Not only can the specifics of the agreement affect what alimony obligations are in place, they can also have tax implications.

Can a bankruptcy impact a child support obligation?

There are many things that a custodial parent may be alarmed to hear have happened to their ex. One is that their ex has gone into bankruptcy. One thing a custodial parent may be worried about upon hearing such a thing is how their ex is holding up through the bankruptcy. After all, just because you are no longer married to a person doesn't mean you don't care about them anymore.

Prenuptial agreements can be a help to Texas same-sex couples

Last post, we talked about how the U.S. Supreme Court may make a decision later this year on whether states are allowed to ban same-sex marriage. For the time being though, the same-sex marriage ban here in Texas remains in force.

Big same-sex marriage decision could come this year

A recent move by the U.S. Supreme Court indicates that this year could be an incredibly eventful one when it comes to same-sex marriage law. What was the court's move? The court has decided to take on a group of cases regarding same-sex marriage.

Can Texas restraining orders be modified?

When a restraining order is put in place in order to provide protection to a domestic violence victim, what specific protections the order gives to the victim depends on the terms in the order. Now, it is possible that a change of circumstances may make it so, after a restraining order is put in place, the victim is facing a risk or concern in relation to their abuser that the order doesn't provide protections for. One option a Texas domestic violence victim may have in such a situation is to ask for the restraining order to be changed so that it will contain protections regarding the risk/concern.

Intentional unemployment/underemployment and child support

In most cases, going into a state of being unemployed or underemployed is not something a person does on purpose. For example, in the past few years, many people here in Texas and the rest of the nation were unwillingly pushed into unemployment or underemployment by poor economic conditions. 

Tax considerations in Texas property division matters

Taxes can affect a great many things. They can even have implications in family law matters. For example, tax issues can have impacts in property divisions in divorces, as tax issues are one of the many things Texas courts can take into account in property division matters.

Talking about money matters important for the soon-to-be-married

When a couple is soon-to-be-married, there are all manner of very important discussions for them to have, as weddings have a great deal of preparations connected to them and marriage is a very big life step. One thing it can be very important for marrying couples to not forget to talk about prior to their marriage are financial matters.

Same-sex couples in Texas face unique challenges post split

Breakups can be hard for anyone to go through, especially if the partners were living under the same roof and had invested greatly in their futures together. However, unlike married partners, those who are cohabitating together face unique challenges after a breakup. If kids are involved, the challenges can be even more difficult. 

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