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February 2015 Archives

This year, spring training will include domestic violence classes

Last year, domestic violence in professional sports started being a much-focused-on issue among the American public. This was in part triggered by some very high-profile domestic abuse cases arising that involved players in the National Football League.

What isn't included in 'net resources' for child support purposes?

One thing that often ends up playing a major controlling role in child support matters here in Texas are Texas' statutory child support guidelines. These are a list of guidelines for the calculation of child support. Courts in the state generally follow these guidelines pretty closely when coming up with child support awards. 

Astros owner now divorced

As baseball fans out there likely know, we are entering into spring training season. This time of year can be a great time for MLB teams to get a fresh start. It appears that the owner of an MLB team here in Texas may be experiencing a fresh start of his own, as his divorce was recently finalized. 

Things for parents to avoid when divorcing

Divorce, like most family law issues, is not just a legal matter but also a matter that can stir up some very strong emotions in everyone involved. Thus, a divorce between parents and the time following such a divorce can be an incredibly emotional time, both for the divorcing parents and their children.

A DIY approach could make a divorce more costly rather than less

There are a lot of horror stories out there about how much a divorce can end up costing. Thus, when going into a divorce, it is not uncommon for a person to be looking for ways to keep their divorce inexpensive. Concerns about divorce costs can sometimes cause a person to be tempted to take a do-it-yourself approach to their divorce rather than getting legal help.

Is online flirting cheating?

Cheating is one of the many things that can lead to a couple divorcing. Of course, over time, society's view of what exactly is considered infidelity can change. For one, changes in how people communicate and interact with one another can lead to things being added to the list of behaviors that constitute cheating. A recent survey indicates that the rise of the internet and online activity has led to such an addition.

Primary physical custody request made by Jeremy Renner's wife

There are many concerns that may be on a divorcing parent's mind when thinking about child custody matters regarding their child. One is concern over the physical safety of their child. Recently, child safety matters have been brought up in relation to the issue of child custody in the divorce case of actor Jeremy Renner.

Financial literacy and dealing with the aftermath of family abuse

A person's life can suddenly be turned upside-down when domestic violence is committed against them. The time following an incident of such abuse can be a challenging and scary one. Thankfully, there are various things that can help victims of domestic violence with the challenges they face.

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