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March 2015 Archives

Increased risk of divorce when women suffer serious illnesses

"In sickness and in health" is often part of your marriage vows. Unfortunately, that promise is not always kept among couples in the United States. A recent study found that married couples are more likely to get divorced when the wife gets sick. 

Marriage counselor weighs in on reasons for divorce, pt. 2

In the first post of this two-part series in our Dallas divorce blog, we began a short discussion about how major life events and time itself can change people. It is certainly understandable that two people may choose to end a marriage that they essentially entered into as two different people.

Marriage counselor weighs in on reasons for divorce

The readers of our Dallas divorce blog know that they can plan for the future, but the truth is that life is unpredictable. We cannot always look down the road and know what our lives will look like in five years or 10 years. Events occur that can have a significant impact on who we are, what we want and how we see life.

Fathers can seek out help in custody/visitation matters

There are many different types of court proceedings fathers who are divorced or separated from their children's mother can find themselves in when it comes to their children. One such class of proceedings are proceedings regarding what custody and visitation arrangement will be established regarding the children.

Taking child's age into account can be important for divorcing parents

There are quite a few different things that it can be important for divorcing parents to keep in mind and factor in when it comes to what they do during and after their divorce. One is the age of their kids. This is because a child's age can impact what sorts of issues can arise in relation to the child in connection to a divorce.

Missed child support payments can be very impactful

In a divorce of parents, when one of the parents is granted primary custody of the kids, the other parent is generally ordered to make child support payments. One situation a Texas custodial parent, sadly, sometimes ends up facing is the noncustodial parent failing to make child support payments that were ordered. 

Oklahoma becoming a marriage spot for some Texas same-sex couples

There are many same-sex couples here in Texas who desire to get married. However, given the current state of Texas law on the matter, such couples are unable to marry here. This can leave such couples looking for alternatives.

Tunnel vision problematic when negotiating a divorce settlement

Sometimes, a divorcing couple resolves property division issues and other financial issues related to their divorce through hammering out a financial settlement through negotiations. Financial settlement negotiations can touch on a wide range of different financial issues. Given how overwhelming dealing with lots of different financial issues can seem and the fact that a person may have stronger emotional feelings about some divorce financial issues than others, a person in a divorce may have a strong temptation to keep their focus locked on to just a few areas in such negotiations.

Divorce and Credit

A divorce can end up impacting a person's finances quite a bit. Thus, there are many financial things it can be important to pay attention to when going through a divorce. One is the condition of one's credit.