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April 2015 Archives

Dallas County starting new program regarding domestic abusers and guns

There are many different things that can help protect family violence victims. One are restraining orders. When a Texan has been subjected to family violence, they may be able to receive a protective order from a court in the state against their abuser. Such orders can put many different restrictions on the abuser aimed at preventing further incidents of abuse. Attorneys can help victims of family abuse with questions they have about pursuing a restraining order and getting such an order enforced. 

Bill seeks to reduce red tape for funding domestic abuse services

As can be seen in a post we did late last month on domestic violence shelters in Dallas, there are concerns that there may not be sufficient services available for domestic abuse victims in the Dallas area. Such concerns though are not just limited to the Dallas area. Throughout Texas, worries have arisen that the current level of domestic abuse services available in the state may not be sufficient to meet the need for such services.

Helping Texas same-sex couples with making estate plans

The fact that Texas doesn't recognize same-sex marriage as legal can make it very important for same-sex couples in the state to make advanced preparations for what will happen if their relationship were to end unexpectedly. This is because many of the legal mechanisms in the state that are in place for married heterosexual couples when it comes to the ending of a relationship are not made available to same-sex couples. Advanced preparation can help reduce the amount of uncertainty the lack of access to such mechanisms causes.

Divorce can leave a person stronger

When it comes to divorce, society tends to put a lot of focus on the challenges that can arise in relation to a divorce. This is understandable, given the impactful nature of such challenges. However, one thing that it is important to not let get lost due to this focus is the fact that divorce also can have some substantial upsides.

The challenges of single parenting don't have to be tackled alone

There are many challenges that a person can face when they are a single parent. An important thing for single parents to know is that, for many of these challenges, they do not have to try to overcome them all on their own. There may be many sources of help they can reach out to. 

Federal judge blocks FMLA for same-sex couples in Texas

Many same-sex couples in Texas have gotten married in other states that recognize same-sex marriage. Unfortunately, despite being married, same-sex marriages are not recognized in Texas. This prohibits these spouses from obtaining certain benefits like the Family and Medical Leave Act.