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May 2015 Archives

Legal help/protection can help in fighting domestic abuse

Thankfully, the U.S. seems to be trending in the right direction when it comes to domestic violence. The country has seen a pretty big drop in domestic violence over the past couple of decades; non-fatal domestic violence incidents have fallen 63 percent in America since 1994, according to federal data.

Helping business owners protect their business in a divorce

Among the things that are often among the highest priorities for business owners are protecting their business from financial harm and preserving their business' vitality. There are many different things that can potentially impact a business' financial health and vitality. Some are economic factors, like market conditions. Others are more personal factors. 

What are the penalties for not paying child support in Texas?

Making child support payments can be a challenge for parents across Texas, even for the people who appreciate the fact that the money is a critical resource for their children. Most parents don't exactly enjoy handing money over to an ex, particularly if that relationship ended poorly and remains contentious.

Texas Legislature passes bill that would change protective order law

One of the legal mechanisms that Texas has in place for protecting individuals who have been the victim of family abuse is the protective order system. One of the legal actions individuals generally can take in the state after having been subjected to domestic violence is to request that a court issue a protective order against the person who committed the domestic abuse against them.   

When a parent uses the kids as a weapon following a divorce

A lot of strong emotions can be flying around when parents divorce. Consequently, it is not uncommon for there to be a fair amount of anger between divorcing/divorced parents. Thus, following a divorce, rather contentious disagreements can sometimes arise between divorced parents.

Social media can raise some complex issues in Texas divorces

Evidence can play a very major role in big divorce issues in Texas divorces, like child support, child custody, alimony and property division. Thus, new potential sources of evidence for divorce cases can be very impactful. One new potential evidence source that has arisen in recent years is social media. There are all sorts of different things people discuss and post about on their social media accounts. Thus, when a couple is getting divorced, it is possible that one or both members of the couple could end up posting things on their social media accounts which could be considered relevant to important divorce issues. Thus, among the things individuals in today's world who are getting divorced may have concerns and questions about is whether any of their or their ex spouse's social media activity could end up being used as evidence in divorce proceedings.

Keeping things consistent for the kids following a divorce

A divorcing parent may have many worries about how their kids will handle the divorce and its aftermath. Thus, one thing that will often be a very high priority for a parent during and after a divorce is helping their kids cope with the divorce.