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June 2015 Archives

QDROs and other issues related to retirement plans in divorce

In some cases, property division in divorce is pretty straightforward. It's clear what can be characterized as marital assets, which can then be divided fairly between the spouses.

U.S. Supreme Court rules against same-sex marriage bans

Historically, same-sex couples in Texas have been unable to get legally married in the state and unable to have same-sex marriages that were performed in other states legally recognized by Texas. However, a U.S. Supreme Court decision was recently made that will be bringing about some pretty big changes in same-sex family law in the state.

In some cases, grandparents can collect child support

Today, more and more Texas grandparents are stepping in to assume parental roles with their grandchildren. However, this approach to child-rearing comes with numerous questions and concerns for the older generation. Many of these questions are financial ones.

Reassuring the kids in the wake of a divorce

Kids can feel very confused, distressed and emotionally taxed-out when their parents get divorced. For a child, their parents divorcing can sometimes feel like their whole world as they know it is collapsing. It is important for divorcing parents to keep this in mind when going through their divorce and to do what they can to help smooth the transition for their kids and to ensure that their kids various needs, including their emotional needs, are being met post-divorce.

Why a DIY divorce is a bad idea

The internet has made it possible to learn how to do just about anything yourself, from cooking to home improvements to starting your own blog. However, there are some things that are best left to the professionals, including your divorce.

Bracing for the emotional and financial challenges of divorce

Getting a divorce can trigger all different sorts of transitions in a person's life. When going through a divorce, a person can sometimes feel like the changes that are occurring are so numerous as to be virtually uncountable. Such a period of great transition can have many challenges associated with it. 

Report: single-parent families more common in the southern U.S.

Sometimes, through things like their parents getting divorced or their parents never marrying, a child ends up in a single-parent household. According to a recent analysis, single-parent households and other non-traditional family households are particularly common in southern states.

Does income inequality in a marriage make infidelity more likely?

In some marriages, one spouse makes a substantially higher amount of income than the other. Such income inequality can sometimes pose challenges in a marriage. A recent study underscores this. The study indicates that income inequality in a marriage may be connected to increased likelihood of infidelity in a marriage.

In both marriage and divorce, how a couple argues can have impacts

It is perfectly natural for married couples to get into arguments from time to time. However, it can be important for an individual who is in a marriage to be mindful of how exactly they act when arguing with their spouse. This is because certain types of behavior during spousal arguments could potentially be harmful to a marriage in the long-run and could make divorce more likely.