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September 2015 Archives

Getting divorced and big decisions

Divorce is typically an incredibly emotional experience. All sorts of strong feelings can arise when bringing a marriage to an end. The strong emotions related to a divorce can have the potential to affect a person's decision-making abilities. For example, the flurry of feelings from a divorce could cause a person to want to take rash actions that, under normal circumstances, they would not be inclined to take.

Is child abuse connected to increased risk of ulcerative colitis?

There are certain things no child should ever have to experience. One such thing is abuse. Child abuse, in any form, can do lasting harm to a child and permanently change their life. Among the long-term impacts it can have are long-term health impacts. 

Dealing with domestic abuse after divorce: work with an experienced advocate

Domestic violence is an unfortunate reality for many unhappy couples. Unfortunately, in many cases abuse victims remain with their abusing partner longer than they should out of fear for their safety. Even in cases where an abuser is able to safely separate from an abusive partner, abuse sometimes continues.

Having the right team important in high-asset divorces

High-asset divorces often raise a myriad of financial issues. The financial matters in such divorces can be deeply complex and touch on many areas. Thus, properly addressing financial issues in a high-asset divorce can often require the help of a well-constructed divorce team. 

When problems come up regarding receiving child support

Parents who have been awarded child support under a court order sometimes end up facing child-support-related problems. One such problem is not receiving a child support payment they were supposed to. When issues regarding child support payments arise, it can be important for a parent to seek out the advice of a child support lawyer.

Estimates: Texas issuing thousands of same-sex marriage licenses

June's U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage changed a great many things here in Texas. One of the biggest changes is that, since the decision, same-sex couples have been able to get a legally recognized marriage in the state, something that was previously denied to them under state law. 

The importance of responding properly when feelings are hurt

Sometimes, within a couple, someone's feelings get hurt. When this happens, it is important for both members of the couple to not just default to a knee-jerk reaction, but to take time to understand the situation and how best to respond to it. How a couple reacts after one of the members of the couple does something that hurts the other one's feelings can matter considerably.

How important is it for teachers to know about the divorces of students' parents?

One thing divorcing parents might be particularly worried about when it comes to divorce and the children this time of year is what school-related impacts the divorce could have on the kids.

Planning for the possibility of a split still important for Texas same-sex couples

Prior to this year's U.S. Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision, same-sex couples in long-term relationships here in Texas faced a lot of uncertainty if they decided to split. One reason for this is that they did not have access to the divorce process in the state. One thing that could help a same-sex-couple with addressing such unpredictability was advanced legal planning for the possibility of a split.