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October 2015 Archives

What are warning signs of an abusive relationship?

Some types of family abuse involve fairly overt actions, like physical violence. However, not all types of domestic abuse are initially very apparent. Some can be very subtle and challenging to initially spot, such as relationship abuse involving coercion and control.

Name decisions in a divorce

Divorce is generally a very decision-filled time. Divorce decisions can touch on some very fundamental things, even your name. For individuals who changed their last name when they got married, such as changing it to their partner's last name or to a hyphenated last name, one decision that comes before them in a divorce is whether to change their last name again now that the marriage is ending.

Staying informed on financial matters when considering divorce

Going into a divorce unprepared can be unwise. Such a lack of preparation could unnecessarily further complicate the divorce process, leave a person without the right information when making divorce decisions and increase the likelihood of critical mistakes being made.

Divorcing parents may worry about affording child care

For working parents, child care can be a very important thing. One thing working parents may be very worried about when it comes to child care for their kids is if they will be able to handle the costs of such care. Such concern is understandable, given how high child care expenses typically are.

Cellphone-related concerns for domestic violence victims

One of the things a domestic violence victim may be worried about is their abuser harassing them via their cellphone. There are many different ways a domestic abuser could potentially harass their victim through a cellphone, such as making threatening calls, sending threatening texts or trying to spy on them through their cellphone (such as by trying to track their location via a cellphone's GPS). 

When divorcing parents have toddlers

There are numerous things that can be very important when going through a divorce when one has toddlers. One is working to get a child custody arrangement in place that properly factors in the specific situation of one's family and which protects their toddler's specific bests interests.

Cellphones and relationships

Driving isn't the only thing individuals sometimes let cellphones distract them from. Individuals sometimes get distracted by their cellphone when they are spending time with their partner.