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January 2016 Archives

When starting the new year off with divorce may not be wise

The start of a new year is a time in which many people are reflecting about what is working in their life and what isn't. Consequently, it is also a time of year in which many people decide to make big changes in their life. One big change some people who are in a struggling marriage decide to start the new year off with is filing for a divorce.

Challenges in addressing domestic violence

Following a domestic violence incident, it is vital for the victim to get appropriate help and support. It is also very important to avoid creating a situation in which the victim could be put in even greater danger from their abuser. When it comes developing good solutions and options for domestic abuse victims, it is important to make sure that attempts to further one of these two very important things don't accidentally significantly compromise the other. This can sometimes prove challenging. This can be seen in what happened with a recent domestic violence social media campaign.

While single parenting has challenges, it also has positives

Many challenges can arise for a parent in relation to a divorce. One thing that can sometimes prove complex and difficult is getting the right child custody arrangement in place. Skilled family law attorneys understand this and can provide divorcing parents with guidance and advice aimed at trying to help get an appropriate and well-tailored custody setup in place in as smooth a manner as possible.