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February 2016 Archives

A brief look at the statutory rules for classification and division of property in Texas, P.2

In our last post, we began looking at Texas law concerning how courts in this state define community property and separate property. In addition to the rules we mentioned last time, there are special statutory rules that apply to gifts between spouses, certain types of employee benefits, and certain types of insurance proceeds.

Important property division issues: classifying property and the 50-50 presumption

We’ve previously spoken on this blog about the two general approaches used by state courts when dividing property in divorce. As we’ve noted, a small number of states use the approach known as community property, which in some states involves a presumption of 50 percent ownership of the marital estate for each party. Equitable distribution, by contrast, does not have a 50 percent ownership presumption, but seeks to award property in a way deemed fair under the circumstances.

The effects of public preschool availability

Whether a school district offers public preschool programs can impact many things. One is how likely families in the district will be to be able to send their kids to preschool. Private preschool programs can cost quite a bit. So, some parents may, for financial reasons, not be able to send their kids to preschool when public preschool programs are not available.

Tips for grandparents whose adult kids divorce

Being a grandparent has all kinds of unique concerns connected to it. Some special concerns can arise for grandparents when their adult kids get divorced. In such a situation, a grandparent may be very worried about the wellbeing of both their child and their grandchildren.

Making the most of Valentine's Day when divorced

When ending a marriage, there are all kinds of emotional challenges a person can face. Certain times of the year can be particularly emotionally tough for divorcing individuals. One of these is Valentine's Day, given the various things associated with this holiday.  

Texas sees many domestic-abuse-related gun deaths

Domestic violence and guns are a very dangerous combination. Many domestic violence fatalities are gun-related. A recent analysis of domestic violence fatality data indicates that hundreds of gun deaths happen in relation to domestic violence incidents annually here in America.

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