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April 2020 Archives

Attorney Todd Shapiro Appears on The Ticket Sportsradio for Criminal Law Roundtable On-Air Discussion

Attorney Todd Shapiro Appeared on The Ticket Sportsradio for Criminal Law Roundtable On-Air Discussion in February 2020. Attorney Shapiro was joined by a select group of criminal defense attorneys to speak on all facets of the criminal justice system in the U.S.

Preparing your child for adulthood while co-parenting

Parents have a lot of work to do to get children ready for adulthood. Part of this involves slowly giving them new freedoms, but this can be rather challenging when you have a co-parenting situation. It is up to you and your coparent to determine how you're going to handle these situations. Ideally, you can work as a team to come up with the plan for slowly adding new freedom and responsibilities for your children.

How do you put a fair price on your business during a divorce?

Whether you built your company from the ground up or inherited from a family member, your ownership of the business matters to you. You may want to keep the business in your family long-term or could even have dreams of selling the company in order to fund your retirement. Those plans could easily go up in smoke if you wind up forced to liquidate the business or share its ownership with your ex as part of your Texas divorce.