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Child Support Archives

Codify who will pay for your child's health insurance in advance

You might think that you and your ex-spouse have come to agreement on various issues regarding child custody and how you will handle certain things after the divorce. But unless you've agreed to these things in writing, there aren't any guarantees. This is why parents use what are called "parenting provisions," or written statements, that allow them to codify the terms of their parental activities and relationship as co-parents.

The effects of public preschool availability

Whether a school district offers public preschool programs can impact many things. One is how likely families in the district will be to be able to send their kids to preschool. Private preschool programs can cost quite a bit. So, some parents may, for financial reasons, not be able to send their kids to preschool when public preschool programs are not available.

Divorcing parents may worry about affording child care

For working parents, child care can be a very important thing. One thing working parents may be very worried about when it comes to child care for their kids is if they will be able to handle the costs of such care. Such concern is understandable, given how high child care expenses typically are.

When problems come up regarding receiving child support

Parents who have been awarded child support under a court order sometimes end up facing child-support-related problems. One such problem is not receiving a child support payment they were supposed to. When issues regarding child support payments arise, it can be important for a parent to seek out the advice of a child support lawyer.

Child support and putting kids in a position to succeed at school

The school year will soon be starting here in Texas. Thus, many Texas parents are getting ready to send their kids back to the classroom and hoping that their children will have a good year. Parents generally have a strong hope that their children will get a great education and will succeed at school. Many things can potentially impact how a child does in school. For children of divorced/separated parents, one such thing is whether they are getting the financial support of child support.

Can Texas' Attorney General handle child support matters?

The Texas Attorney General's Child Support Division provides many services to parents in relation to their children, free of charge. Depending on each specific circumstance it is possible that the entity could provide services such as establishing paternity or locating a parent who is absent. In addition, it can assist with establishing and enforcing child support and medical support orders. I also adjusts child support payments and collects and distributes them.

Mental health illnesses behind many Texas child hospitalizations

One of the things parents care about greatly when it comes to their kids is keeping their children healthy. Unfortunately, children sometimes develop conditions that could put their physical or mental health at risk. A recent study indicates that one health problem that touches quite a few children here in Texas is mental illness.

In some cases, grandparents can collect child support

Today, more and more Texas grandparents are stepping in to assume parental roles with their grandchildren. However, this approach to child-rearing comes with numerous questions and concerns for the older generation. Many of these questions are financial ones.