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An underage drug offense could damage your child's educational hopes

Even the brightest and most promising of teenagers make mistakes in judgment. Many teenagers experiment with drugs, from nicotine and alcohol to marijuana and even harder substances. A large number of teens who try a drug a few times won't experience any long-term ill effects.

Wrongful Arrests in Arlington & Dallas Cause Undeserved Jail Time

A series of recent mistakes have left the Arlington and Dallas Police Departments blushing, yet the embarrassment is of their own doings. Meanwhile, two local residents were thrown in jail cells and falsely accused of crimes they did not commit.

South Dallas Pastor Accused of Burglarizing Home of Parishioner on Christmas Eve

Sandra McGriff, pastor at the south Dallas Church of the Living God, spent much of Christmas Day in jail after police caught her breaking into the Oak Cliff home of a parishioner on Christmas Eve.

Evidentiary Process Leaves Ample Room for Mistakes

In criminal trials, prosecutors are required to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. To do this, they generally seek to introduce evidence from the alleged crime scene. However, a trial may occur years after the evidence is taken from the crime scene. Law enforcement officers and technicians are tasked with maintaining the integrity of the evidence in the interim.

For the Record: Criminal Convictions can Hurt Job Applicants

Employers across Texas routinely do extensive background checks of applicants, looking for bad credit reports and criminal records. For many job applicants, a conviction on their record -- even for a minor offense -- can mean they never hear from the employer again.