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Domestic Violence Archives

Study: smartphone responses to domestic violence fall short

When people are looking for help or resources, one thing they increasingly turn to these days is their smartphone. This not only can be the case when it comes to everyday things, like looking for directions, but also when facing serious crisis situations, like domestic violence.

What are signs of physical child abuse?

After a divorce, a parent hopes that, when their ex has time with the kids, their ex will act properly towards the kids. In the ideal situation, after a divorce, both parents will keep their kids’ well-being and safety as the main driving forces in their behavior. Sadly though, instances do sometimes occur post-divorce in which one parent engages in conduct which exposes children to significant harm. Physical abuse is one such sort of conduct. This conduct can have considerable negative health and emotional implications for children.

Texas sees many domestic-abuse-related gun deaths

Domestic violence and guns are a very dangerous combination. Many domestic violence fatalities are gun-related. A recent analysis of domestic violence fatality data indicates that hundreds of gun deaths happen in relation to domestic violence incidents annually here in America.

Challenges in addressing domestic violence

Following a domestic violence incident, it is vital for the victim to get appropriate help and support. It is also very important to avoid creating a situation in which the victim could be put in even greater danger from their abuser. When it comes developing good solutions and options for domestic abuse victims, it is important to make sure that attempts to further one of these two very important things don't accidentally significantly compromise the other. This can sometimes prove challenging. This can be seen in what happened with a recent domestic violence social media campaign.

Domestic violence risks of the holidays

Domestic violence can happen at any time of the year, even the holidays. In fact, there are certain things about the holiday season that have the potential to increase the likelihood of domestic abuse. Examples of things that can be associated with the holiday season that could also be potential triggers for domestic violence include:

Child abuse doesn’t have to be physical to cause deep harm

It is well-known that physical abuse can take a big toll on a child. However, child abuse doesn’t have to be physical in nature to have deep negative impacts. As a recent study underscores, non-physical types of abuse, such as emotional abuse, are just as capable of causing a child significant harm.

What are warning signs of an abusive relationship?

Some types of family abuse involve fairly overt actions, like physical violence. However, not all types of domestic abuse are initially very apparent. Some can be very subtle and challenging to initially spot, such as relationship abuse involving coercion and control.

Cellphone-related concerns for domestic violence victims

One of the things a domestic violence victim may be worried about is their abuser harassing them via their cellphone. There are many different ways a domestic abuser could potentially harass their victim through a cellphone, such as making threatening calls, sending threatening texts or trying to spy on them through their cellphone (such as by trying to track their location via a cellphone's GPS).