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Presentation matters: How you need to appear in court

Your children mean everything to you, and you want to make sure you get your fair share of parenting time. While you have a solid case already, you want to do everything you can to make sure the court sees you as a responsible and likable parent.

Planning For Divorce Provides Many Benefits

When a marriage is headed for a breakdown, one spouse often comes to that realization sooner than the other. If you are faced with this situation, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your rights and interests. These steps can improve your position as you enter into the divorce process:

Dallas Police Allegedly Injured During Domestic Violence Arrest

Domestic violence can thrive on secrecy. Any Dallas family violence attorney knows this all too well. In some instances, victims of domestic violence may not know where to turn for help. In other cases, victims may not realize that they are victims at all.

Child Custody Arrangements During Holidays

Child custody and parental visitation schedules are created in the best interest of the child(ren) with the goal of keeping the child(ren) as emotionally healthy and happy as possible under the circumstances. Implementing these schedules can be difficult and the situation is complicated even more when the parents live a significant distance apart.

Period Quickly Closing for Texas Dads to Challenge Paternity with DNA

There are few things in this world as heartbreaking as a man discovering a child he taken care of since birth may not be his. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens more than many would like to admit. Some men may not find out that a child is not theirs for years - often paying thousands of dollars in Texas child support before they ever find out. However, a Texas bill has made it possible for these men to end their child support obligations for child proven not theirs with DNA evidence.

The Secret Stash Your Spouse May Be Hiding

Once upon a time, many women hid money from their husbands - it was often the only way that non-working wives obtained an emergency fund, a nest egg or "fun money" to buy her or the family's extras. But in today's culture of two working parent households, are women or men still hiding assets from their mates? The answer is yes, and the reasons are not always as innocent as in years past.

Texas Baby Removed While Parents Participated in Protest

On a frigid morning, officers from the Dallas police department responded to a possible child neglect call at the site of the "Occupy Dallas" protests. The officers reported that there were complaints from other protesters about a baby who had been crying all day and night. They located the 9-month-old infant who had been living in a tent, along with its parents. The officers, along with officials from Child Protective Services (CPS), believing that the baby was in danger of freezing to death, took the baby into custody.

Texas Judge Prohibited From Seeing Daughter After Online Video Surfaces

In Texas, even a judge is not above the law. Recently, a Texas family law judge in Aransas County was placed under a temporary restraining order. The restraining order forbids the judge from visiting his 10-year-old daughter without permission from the daughter's mother - his ex-wife.

Texas Passing on Child Support Fees to Custodial Parents

In the face of the underperforming economy and the need to make spending cuts to balance the state's budget, Texas lawmakers opted to stop paying federal fees for child support enforcement services and pass those costs onto the custodial parents who receive the child support payments. As a result, support payments will shrink and the children will see less money.