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Posts tagged "Domestic Abuse"

How long can a protective order for domestic abuse last in Texas?

One of the legal protections that a domestic violence victim may be able to pursue is a protective order. Such orders can put restrictions on the perpetrator of a domestic abuse incident, such as restrictions from coming into contact with the victim or the victim's children.

Major U.S. city starting new domestic violence pilot program

Recently, in a major city in another state, a new pilot program regarding domestic violence was announced. The city in question is Chicago. The pilot program will be conducted in one of the city's police districts and it is a joint effort of the city's police department, the city's mayor's office, the Department of Family and Support Services and the Cook County State's Attorney's Office.

TX domestic abuse services facing staffing and funding shortages

When a domestic violence victim takes the courageous action of taking steps to get away from the perpetrator of the abuse, there are many forms of protection, help and assistance that they may wish to seek out. One thing they may wish to pursue is a restraining order against the perpetrator so that they have some legal protection against this individual. Family law attorneys can provide guidance to victims of domestic violence when it comes to the steps for requesting a restraining order.

Dallas taking on new domestic violence awareness effort

Sometimes, colors are associated with certain issues. One of the issues that the color purple is associated with is domestic violence awareness. City officials in Dallas are currently working to make downtown Dallas a very purple area in late March.

Study: abuse incidents involving weapons carry higher repeat risk

In some instances of domestic violence, the abuser uses a weapon. One obvious thing that can make such abuse incidents particularly awful is the extreme amount of harm weapons can cause victims. A recent study indicates that there may also be another very ominous aspect of domestic violence incidents involving weapons.

Another Dallas cop accused of domestic abuse

In a post last month, we discussed how, in the past few years, several Dallas police officers have been accused of having committed domestic abuse. Given the terrible nature of domestic violence, one would hope that, moving forward, we would see a reduction in alleged domestic abuse incidents involving Dallas police officers.

Domestic abuse-related protective orders in Texas can cover pets

One major concern that a domestic abuse victim might have upon leaving an abusive situation is that they might be subjected to further violence. One type of legal protection that domestic violence victims may be able to pursue in connection to such a concern is a protective order. Protective orders can prohibit abusers from coming near their victims.