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911 phone call examined after domestic violence killing

In times of emergency, many people's first instinct is to call 911 for assistance. Over time, not only has the phone number become ingrained in the minds of the public, but people have come to trust and rely upon the system to get them help in a timely manner. However, as any Dallas family violence attorney is aware, a 911 call does not always yield immediate response.

Dallas City Hall steps up efforts to reduce domestic violence

Domestic violence is not just something that affects the life of the victim. Any Dallas family violence attorney knows that domestic violence has repercussions on people around the victim, and can even affect an entire community.

Domestic disturbance at Dallas officer's home leads to suspension

Domestic violence can occur in many situations, and is devastating for all types of victims. As any Dallas family violence attorney knows, domestic abuse can even happen with situations where you would least expect it-such as an incident involving an officer of the law.

Dozens of Dallas parents arrested for failure to pay child support

When a court orders child support payments, the court is protecting the best interests of the child or children. These payments help provide resources for children's necessities, as well as educational expense and some extracurricular expenses as well. But as any Dallas child support lawyer knows, some parents who are ordered to pay child support forget these purposes of child support, and fail to make payments to the custodial parent.

Popularity of Prenuptial Agreements in Dallas

As evidenced by several family law specialists, prenuptials are becoming the norm by society's standards. Contrary to popular belief, a prenuptial agreement does not indicate that there is a lack of trust between partners, or an anticipated divorce on the horizon. In fact, you shouldn't even let a premarital request sap the romance out of your proposal. Taking the time to create a plan for property division in the event of divorce is in essence, one of the smartest business plans you'll ever make, and it can help ensure an amicable split should the unforeseeable occur.

Wrongful Arrests in Arlington & Dallas Cause Undeserved Jail Time

A series of recent mistakes have left the Arlington and Dallas Police Departments blushing, yet the embarrassment is of their own doings. Meanwhile, two local residents were thrown in jail cells and falsely accused of crimes they did not commit.