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Posts tagged "Family Violence"

Another Dallas cop accused of domestic abuse

In a post last month, we discussed how, in the past few years, several Dallas police officers have been accused of having committed domestic abuse. Given the terrible nature of domestic violence, one would hope that, moving forward, we would see a reduction in alleged domestic abuse incidents involving Dallas police officers.

Rise in fatal domestic violence attacks against women in Texas

Violence in relationships is something which should never happen, but which sadly does. The harms that domestic abuse can cause can be extensive. Domestic violence sometimes even has fatal results.

Dallas police officer investigated for abusing wife

As this blog has previously noted, the city of Dallas has taken a stand against domestic violence through initiatives that public education about domestic violence and other awareness campaigns, as well as using billboards to catch abusers. However, while city-wide programs may reach out to the public at large, that does not mean that the city's own employees cannot benefit from the educational message.