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Posts tagged "Restraining Order"

Dallas Cowboys player charged for domestic violence

Often, the term "domestic violence" brings to mind the physical violence or emotional abuse of one spouse by the other spouse. However, the term can also encompass violence or other abuse between any family members, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows. This can include violence from parent to child, sibling to sibling and even child to parent. Unfortunately, domestic abuse victims do not always come forward to get the help they need.

Dallas police increase efforts to curb domestic abuse cases

Domestic abuse can be dangerous for anyone involved, particularly when physical violence is involved. In these situations, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows, victims may wish to seek court-ordered protection and a divorce from their spouse.

Texas Judge Prohibited From Seeing Daughter After Online Video Surfaces

In Texas, even a judge is not above the law. Recently, a Texas family law judge in Aransas County was placed under a temporary restraining order. The restraining order forbids the judge from visiting his 10-year-old daughter without permission from the daughter's mother - his ex-wife.