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Texas Attorney General says same-sex benefits unconstitutional

Several cities throughout Texas, including Austin, El Paso and Fort Worth offer benefits to domestic partners. The first school district in Texas to offer benefits to domestic partnerships was Pflugerville Independent School District, which is in an area outside of Austin. However, as any Texas same-sex attorney knows, the subject of benefits to same-sex couples and domestic partnerships is a hot-button issue these days.

Same-sex partners and nonmarital agreements

Same-sex family legal issues are no different than those faced by heterosexual couples. From child support and adoption to financial planning, same-sex partners regularly seek the assistance of Texas Same-Sex Family Attorneys to assist them with all sorts of family law matters. While it may come as a surprise, despite the fact that same-sex marriage is not legal in Texas, there are many ways for same-sex partners to protect their legal interests.

Texas lawmakers consider bill to reduce child abuse and neglect

Children are the future, and providing a nurturing and supportive growth environment is one way to ensure that they reach their physical and emotional maturity. However, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows, child abuse can cause lasting damage.

Male domestic violence victim speaks out

For better or for worse, when most people picture a domestic violence victim, they picture a woman-and the majority of domestic violence victims are, indeed, women. However, as any Texas domestic violence attorney knows, men can be subject to domestic violence as well.

Texas man charged with felony injury to a child

A single mother may be reluctant to introduce a new man into her child's life due to concerns about the child's emotional development. But as any Texas domestic violence attorney knows, she may also be concerned about the safety of her child.

Texas woman jailed for beating sister unconscious

While many people believe that the methods a parent uses to discipline a child should not be subject to public scrutiny, sometimes a parent or guardian's actions may cross the line and the authorities may need to step in. Any Texas domestic violence attorney knows how difficult it can be when child need to be removed from an abusive environment.

Child Support Solutions Helpful for Texas Single-Parent Families

Financial issues are a priority for all Americans right now and single mothers are no exception. Studies of 2010 census data show that households headed by single women have a poverty rate that is nearly three times the national average. Dallas is no exception - the poverty rate of single mothers throughout Texas is about the same as the national figure, even though the Texas economy is improving overall. The issue of supporting single mothers is not unfamiliar to a Dallas child support lawyer. Many single mothers continue to struggle to pay bills and provide for their families.

Postnuptial Agreements Gaining Popularity

Given that some experts estimate that almost half of all marriages will end in divorce, couples throughout the country, including Texas, have utilized various tools that make divorces more straightforward. One such popular tool is the prenuptial agreement, but another lesser-known marriage contract is starting to become more popular among married couples - namely, the postnuptial marriage agreement.

Commission Seeks Uniformity in Child Custody Laws for Military Families

Under Texas law, child custody determinations cannot be made solely on the gender of the parents. For example, mothers should not automatically get custody just because they are the mothers. However, when it comes to parents in the military - which is often the father - family courts throughout the nation are often biased against absent parents when making child custody determinations, even if their absence is the result of military deployment.