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Posts tagged "marital property"

122 million shares ruled to be separate property in Hamm divorce

In divorces, marital assets are subject to division while separate property is not. Thus, which of these two categories a given piece of property is found to be in can be very impactful. One thing that can play a role in whether an asset is considered a marital asset or separate property is the timing of its acquisition. Generally, if a person obtained a piece of property prior to getting married, the property is considered separate property.

Dividing debt during a Texas divorce can be challenging

Property division is a very complex part of the divorce process here in Dallas. A number of married couples have very complicated assets that are not easy to split. And, not only are assets difficult to divide when a marriage ends, but so are debts.

Community property, equitable distribution: How do they differ?

Divorce is a formal legal process that ends a marriage under the eyes of the law. The broad definition is the same in all 50 states. As for the details, that is where everything starts to differ depending on where you file those divorce papers.