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When a parent uses the kids as a weapon following a divorce

A lot of strong emotions can be flying around when parents divorce. Consequently, it is not uncommon for there to be a fair amount of anger between divorcing/divorced parents. Thus, following a divorce, rather contentious disagreements can sometimes arise between divorced parents.

Keeping things consistent for the kids following a divorce

A divorcing parent may have many worries about how their kids will handle the divorce and its aftermath. Thus, one thing that will often be a very high priority for a parent during and after a divorce is helping their kids cope with the divorce.

The challenges of single parenting don't have to be tackled alone

There are many challenges that a person can face when they are a single parent. An important thing for single parents to know is that, for many of these challenges, they do not have to try to overcome them all on their own. There may be many sources of help they can reach out to. 

Fathers can seek out help in custody/visitation matters

There are many different types of court proceedings fathers who are divorced or separated from their children's mother can find themselves in when it comes to their children. One such class of proceedings are proceedings regarding what custody and visitation arrangement will be established regarding the children.

Taking child's age into account can be important for divorcing parents

There are quite a few different things that it can be important for divorcing parents to keep in mind and factor in when it comes to what they do during and after their divorce. One is the age of their kids. This is because a child's age can impact what sorts of issues can arise in relation to the child in connection to a divorce.

Things for parents to avoid when divorcing

Divorce, like most family law issues, is not just a legal matter but also a matter that can stir up some very strong emotions in everyone involved. Thus, a divorce between parents and the time following such a divorce can be an incredibly emotional time, both for the divorcing parents and their children.

Primary physical custody request made by Jeremy Renner's wife

There are many concerns that may be on a divorcing parent's mind when thinking about child custody matters regarding their child. One is concern over the physical safety of their child. Recently, child safety matters have been brought up in relation to the issue of child custody in the divorce case of actor Jeremy Renner.

A child's best interests and custody order modifications

Last week, we discussed how Deion Sanders' ex-wife had received a brief jail sentence after a judge found that she violated a visitation schedule. However, that was not the only custody-related development that has recently occurred when it comes to Sanders and his ex-wife. Sanders' ex-wife also had her visitation rights revoked regarding the former couple's three kids. 

Jail time given to Deion Sanders' ex-wife for visitation violations

When, in a divorce decree regarding parents with minor children, one of the parents is granted visitation rights, the decree will generally contain a visitation schedule. It is very important for parents to not wrongfully violate such a schedule. Some examples of visitation schedule violations are:

Child-related disputes between divorced parents

A divorce can cause all sorts of changes within a family. These changes can leave a child feeling very disoriented and confused. It is very important for Texas parents who have gotten divorced to be mindful of this and to do what they can to make adjusting to the changes the divorce will bring about as easy as possible for their kids.