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Child Support Archives

Texas Falls Behind Other States in Collecting Back Child Support

According to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau, child support payments had a monthly average of $430 in 2010. Texas alone collected more child support than any other state, however, when it comes to collecting delinquent child support payments, Texas falls behind many other states.

Happy Father's Day. Unless of Course, You Are Not Actually the Father

With Father's Day finally here, it is a good day to be reminded of all of the fathers out there that work hard and provide for their children. Unfortunately for some Texas fathers, they eventually discover that these sacrifices may have been in vain when they find out a child they have been supporting for years actually isn't theirs. For these men, there is now a new law in Texas that allows them to terminate their child support payments if they can prove they are not actually the father of the child.

Missed Child Support Payments Lead to 40 Arrests in Dallas

Forty Dallas-area parents were arrested recently for failure to pay child support by the Texas Attorney General's office. During the weeklong sting - codenamed "Operation Lone Star Support" - investigators apprehended those suspected of missing child support payments across 12 different Texas counties.