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Domestic Violence Archives

Domestic abuse-related protective orders in Texas can cover pets

One major concern that a domestic abuse victim might have upon leaving an abusive situation is that they might be subjected to further violence. One type of legal protection that domestic violence victims may be able to pursue in connection to such a concern is a protective order. Protective orders can prohibit abusers from coming near their victims.

Police officers and domestic abuse in Dallas

One of the roles that police are supposed to serve is to protect the innocent from violence, such as domestic violence. Thus, it is very disturbing and worrisome when police officers are accused of having committed domestic violence in their own home life.

Rise in fatal domestic violence attacks against women in Texas

Violence in relationships is something which should never happen, but which sadly does. The harms that domestic abuse can cause can be extensive. Domestic violence sometimes even has fatal results.

Dallas domestic abuse awareness initiative to involve HS football

Domestic violence is a very serious issue. No individual should ever have to face domestic abuse. There are many different efforts governments take to try to reduce the occurrence of domestic violence. One form such efforts sometimes take are domestic violence awareness initiatives.

Arrest made in regards to alleged same-sex partner domestic abuse

Domestic violence is something that can arise in all different types of relationships. It can happen within married couples, unmarried couples, opposite-sex couples and same-sex couples. Regardless of what type of relationship domestic violence occurs within, domestic violence can be incredibly harmful and impactful on a person.

Domestic violence allegations brought against TX police officer

Police officers are sometimes required to use force in their line of work. While use of force may sometimes be acceptable in a police officer's work life, there is one part of a police officer's life (and any person's life for that matter) where force is never acceptable: their home life.