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Domestic Violence Archives

Dallas mayor plans rally to increase domestic violence awareness

Domestic violence is not just an issue that affects individuals and their family members. Rather, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows, it is something that can become an issue for entire communities.

Dallas City Hall steps up efforts to reduce domestic violence

Domestic violence is not just something that affects the life of the victim. Any Dallas family violence attorney knows that domestic violence has repercussions on people around the victim, and can even affect an entire community.

Dallas woman on trial for dehydration death of child

Abuse can take many forms and affect many different types of victims. As any Dallas family violence attorney knows, abuse is tragic and devastating for anyone involved. But when the abuse of a child results in death, it can be especially difficult for surviving family members, particularly siblings of the victim, who may fear experiencing similar treatment.

Domestic disturbance at Dallas officer's home leads to suspension

Domestic violence can occur in many situations, and is devastating for all types of victims. As any Dallas family violence attorney knows, domestic abuse can even happen with situations where you would least expect it-such as an incident involving an officer of the law.

Increase in Dallas domestic violence troubles police chief

Domestic violence can be a difficult subject to speak about, even for law enforcement and others who work with victims. Conversations about the issue are made particularly difficult when the discussion centers around an increase in occurrences, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows.

Arlington woman killed by husband following "nasty" divorce

Married couples seek divorces for many reasons. And with no-fault divorces available in many states, the parties do not even need to make any showing of wrongdoing by the other party. However, any Dallas family violence attorney knows that even with no-fault divorce, a spouse may have good reason for seeking a divorce, including a history of domestic violence.

Texas man charged with felony injury to a child

A single mother may be reluctant to introduce a new man into her child's life due to concerns about the child's emotional development. But as any Texas domestic violence attorney knows, she may also be concerned about the safety of her child.

Texas woman jailed for beating sister unconscious

While many people believe that the methods a parent uses to discipline a child should not be subject to public scrutiny, sometimes a parent or guardian's actions may cross the line and the authorities may need to step in. Any Texas domestic violence attorney knows how difficult it can be when child need to be removed from an abusive environment.

Dallas Cowboys player charged for domestic violence

Often, the term "domestic violence" brings to mind the physical violence or emotional abuse of one spouse by the other spouse. However, the term can also encompass violence or other abuse between any family members, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows. This can include violence from parent to child, sibling to sibling and even child to parent. Unfortunately, domestic abuse victims do not always come forward to get the help they need.

Dallas police increase efforts to curb domestic abuse cases

Domestic abuse can be dangerous for anyone involved, particularly when physical violence is involved. In these situations, as any Dallas family violence attorney knows, victims may wish to seek court-ordered protection and a divorce from their spouse.