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Same-Sex Partners Archives

Same-sex couples in Texas face unique challenges post split

Breakups can be hard for anyone to go through, especially if the partners were living under the same roof and had invested greatly in their futures together. However, unlike married partners, those who are cohabitating together face unique challenges after a breakup. If kids are involved, the challenges can be even more difficult. 

What it is current status of same-sex marriage in Texas?

Same-sex marriage could soon become legal in the state of Texas, and if it does, hundreds of same-sex couples are expected to rush to local courthouses to wed. However, at this point there is no telling if and when the gay marriage ban will be lifted.

Denial of federal benefits to Texas same-sex widow challenged

The U.S. Supreme Court decision last year which struck down a portion of the federal Defense of Marriage Act opened up many federal benefits to same-sex couples. However, as we have mentioned in a past post, there are still some types of federal benefits where barriers are present for married same-sex couples who live in states where same-sex marriage is not legally recognized.

Will U.S. Supreme Court decide to hear same-sex marriage cases?

The law when it comes to same-sex marriage here in the U.S. is currently in a very unsettled state. This is because a definitive answer has not yet been given to a significant question: are state same-sex marriage bans allowed under the U.S. Constitution?

Same-sex adoptions can be complex in Texas

When a couple has been together for awhile and has made a major commitment to each other, one thing they may desire is to start a family together. Same-sex couples are no exception to this. However, for same-sex couples, biology requires that they turn to non-traditional methods for starting a family. For many same-sex couples, the seeking of an adoption plays a role in their efforts to start a family.

Federal benefits not available to all married same-sex couples

There has been a great deal of change lately here in America when it comes to how the law treats same-sex couples. Several states have legalized same-sex marriages and have made other family law mechanisms that have traditionally only been available to opposite-sex couples now available to same-sex couples. Also, many same-sex couples are now able to receive federal benefits for spouses.