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Punk band lead guitarist makes divorce filing

Sometimes, domestic violence allegations arise between parties to a divorce. When a divorce and domestic violence allegations overlap, certain issues can arise. Such issues can be very important and how such issues are ultimately resolved can be extremely impactful. Thus, if a person is in divorce proceedings with a spouse who has committed abuse against them, having an experienced family law attorney on one's side can be very important.

Phyllis Lyons files for divorce from Adam Arkin

Recently, some divorce news has arisen regarding a celebrity couple: actor Adam Arkin and actress Phyllis Lyons. Lyons and Arkin have played roles in many movies and TV shows. Arkin's body of work includes "Chicago Hope" and "Sons of Anarchy" and Lyons' body of work includes "All My Children."

Prenups and postnups: the growing role of marriage contracts

Many Dallas residents are aware of the evolving role of the prenuptial agreement when it comes to marriage. In the past, prenuptial agreements were generally frowned upon. They symbolized the end of a marriage before it even begun. And besides, the two spouses were gearing up for the happiest day of their lives. Who would want to discuss complicated financial matters and the prospect of divorce under those circumstances?

Could too much time on Facebook lead to divorce?

Many people use the social media site Facebook. Facebook can be good fun and can be a great way to stay in touch with friends, colleagues and relatives. However, a new study indicates that married couples may want to take care to not spend too much time on this social media site. The study reportedly found that excessive use of Facebook by a person can lead to them facing increased strife and difficulties in their romantic relationships. Increased strife and difficulties can be very hard on a marriage and can sometimes even lead to a divorce.

What could bigamy charge mean for Fort Worth woman's divorce?

When a couple gets married, each spouse can usually safely assume that the other is not still married to another person. Marriage to more than one person is illegal in every single state, which is something a Dallas-Fort Worth divorce lawyer is likely to know.

Trying to Be "Nice" During a Divorce Can Actually Create Problems

Couples contemplating divorce are often facing one of the most emotionally charged events of their lives. Not only are they dealing with the ending of their marriages, but many couples must also tackle the difficult tasks of property division and child custody. Because of these often complicated issues, many couples are advised to be as amicable as possible when going through a divorce - advice that sometimes causes more harm than good.