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Why a DIY divorce is a bad idea

The internet has made it possible to learn how to do just about anything yourself, from cooking to home improvements to starting your own blog. However, there are some things that are best left to the professionals, including your divorce.

Does income inequality in a marriage make infidelity more likely?

In some marriages, one spouse makes a substantially higher amount of income than the other. Such income inequality can sometimes pose challenges in a marriage. A recent study underscores this. The study indicates that income inequality in a marriage may be connected to increased likelihood of infidelity in a marriage.

In both marriage and divorce, how a couple argues can have impacts

It is perfectly natural for married couples to get into arguments from time to time. However, it can be important for an individual who is in a marriage to be mindful of how exactly they act when arguing with their spouse. This is because certain types of behavior during spousal arguments could potentially be harmful to a marriage in the long-run and could make divorce more likely. 

Helping business owners protect their business in a divorce

Among the things that are often among the highest priorities for business owners are protecting their business from financial harm and preserving their business' vitality. There are many different things that can potentially impact a business' financial health and vitality. Some are economic factors, like market conditions. Others are more personal factors. 

Social media can raise some complex issues in Texas divorces

Evidence can play a very major role in big divorce issues in Texas divorces, like child support, child custody, alimony and property division. Thus, new potential sources of evidence for divorce cases can be very impactful. One new potential evidence source that has arisen in recent years is social media. There are all sorts of different things people discuss and post about on their social media accounts. Thus, when a couple is getting divorced, it is possible that one or both members of the couple could end up posting things on their social media accounts which could be considered relevant to important divorce issues. Thus, among the things individuals in today's world who are getting divorced may have concerns and questions about is whether any of their or their ex spouse's social media activity could end up being used as evidence in divorce proceedings.

Divorce can leave a person stronger

When it comes to divorce, society tends to put a lot of focus on the challenges that can arise in relation to a divorce. This is understandable, given the impactful nature of such challenges. However, one thing that it is important to not let get lost due to this focus is the fact that divorce also can have some substantial upsides.

Increased risk of divorce when women suffer serious illnesses

"In sickness and in health" is often part of your marriage vows. Unfortunately, that promise is not always kept among couples in the United States. A recent study found that married couples are more likely to get divorced when the wife gets sick.