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Marriage counselor weighs in on reasons for divorce, pt. 2

In the first post of this two-part series in our Dallas divorce blog, we began a short discussion about how major life events and time itself can change people. It is certainly understandable that two people may choose to end a marriage that they essentially entered into as two different people.

Marriage counselor weighs in on reasons for divorce

The readers of our Dallas divorce blog know that they can plan for the future, but the truth is that life is unpredictable. We cannot always look down the road and know what our lives will look like in five years or 10 years. Events occur that can have a significant impact on who we are, what we want and how we see life.

Divorce and Credit

A divorce can end up impacting a person's finances quite a bit. Thus, there are many financial things it can be important to pay attention to when going through a divorce. One is the condition of one's credit.

A DIY approach could make a divorce more costly rather than less

There are a lot of horror stories out there about how much a divorce can end up costing. Thus, when going into a divorce, it is not uncommon for a person to be looking for ways to keep their divorce inexpensive. Concerns about divorce costs can sometimes cause a person to be tempted to take a do-it-yourself approach to their divorce rather than getting legal help.

Is online flirting cheating?

Cheating is one of the many things that can lead to a couple divorcing. Of course, over time, society's view of what exactly is considered infidelity can change. For one, changes in how people communicate and interact with one another can lead to things being added to the list of behaviors that constitute cheating. A recent survey indicates that the rise of the internet and online activity has led to such an addition.

Terms of an alimony agreement can have tax impacts

Sometimes, divorcing parties set up an alimony arrangement through a written divorce settlement agreement. The terms of such an agreement can be incredibly impactful. Not only can the specifics of the agreement affect what alimony obligations are in place, they can also have tax implications.

Talking about money matters important for the soon-to-be-married

When a couple is soon-to-be-married, there are all manner of very important discussions for them to have, as weddings have a great deal of preparations connected to them and marriage is a very big life step. One thing it can be very important for marrying couples to not forget to talk about prior to their marriage are financial matters.