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Many divorce financial issues have potential tax implications

How the financial issues in a divorce are resolved can have significant implications regarding what sort of financial state a person will be in following the divorce. Thus, financial issues tend to be among some of the bigger issues in a divorce. There are many different factors that it can be important to keep in mind when in proceedings or negotiations regarding financial issues in a divorce. One of these is tax implications.

Keeping the holidays enjoyable for the kids post-divorce

It can be tough on a kid when their parents divorce. Such a divorce can stir up all sorts of different emotional worries and concerns for a child. Thus, when parents get divorced, it is very important for them to keep their kids needs and feelings at heart and to do what they can to help their kids deal with the divorce and the new family reality it brings about.

The importance of being prepared when going into a divorce

It can be an extremely emotional and stressful time for a person when they are in a marriage that is breaking down and they and their spouse are moving towards a divorce. A person may have all sorts of questions running through their mind. Why is this happening? How did the marriage go wrong? What will my life be like after the marriage ends? How will I tell my kids? How will I tell my family and friends? What will everyone think?

For Texas veterans, marriage can cost them benefits at divorce

The U.S. military tries its best to take care of its former servicemembers once they leave the service, especially career soldiers or Marines. Military and disability benefits help veterans as they come home from war with injuries, or as they age.

The unconscionability ground for invalidating a Texas prenup

Generally, here in Texas, prenuptial agreements that a couple reached regarding how property is to be split in a divorce are enforceable in the event that the couple does in fact end up divorcing. However, there are a couple of grounds under which a prenuptial agreement can be found unenforceable by a court in a divorce case. We will go over one of these grounds today: the unconscionability ground.

Proper preparation can help prevent divorce mistakes

There are many different situations in which mistakes can be costly. Divorce is one of these situations. Divorce proceedings can deal with many different issues of significant importance, including child custody, child support and division of property. Thus, mistakes during such proceedings, even ones that at first glance may not seem that big, can end up having impacts on rather major things, such as a person's post-divorce financial situation or their parental rights.

Could wealth play a role in how impacted a child is by divorce?

A divorce is a major life event that can deeply affect the divorcing parties. Thus, it is hardly surprising that, if the divorcing parties have kids, the kids can be significantly impacted as well. Sometimes, kids will exhibit behavioral changes following a divorce. Recently, a study reached some interesting findings regarding which children are particularly prone to behavioral changes after their parents divorce.