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Duchovny and Leoni settle details of their divorce

There are few things in life, if any, that parents care about more than their children. Thus, it is of little surprise that issues regarding the kids are generally a major concern for parents when getting divorced. Among the arrangements regarding the kids that generally need to be reached in a divorce are arrangements related to where the kids will live, who gets to make decisions regarding the kids and how the financial support of the kids will be handled.

How does alimony work in Texas?

The end of a marriage doesn't necessarily stop all transactions or lines of communication between the ex-spouses. Divorced parents, for example, have to coordinate child custody matters and handle issues such as child support. Another post-divorce obligation is alimony.

Social media clauses showing up in prenuptial agreements

Many people probably think of prenuptial agreements as documents that just deal with asset division. However, there are actually a great number of different things such agreements can regard. The list of terms prenuptial agreements sometimes include is quite long, and it continues to grow as new types of concerns arise for marrying couples in our ever-changing world.

Study: kids of divorced parents may be more at risk for obesity

Childhood obesity has been a major area of concern here in the U.S. in recent times. One thing that it can be important to figure out when it comes to addressing any children's health problem is what children are particularly vulnerable to the problem. A recent study from another country indicates that children of divorced parents may be particularly at risk of weight struggles.

Divorce and Credit

What happens during the course of a divorce can have impacts on many things, including one's credit rating. Given how big of an effect one's credit rating can have on one's post-divorce financial life, paying proper attention to the issue of credit during a divorce can be very important. There are several things that divorcing individuals can do to try to protect their credit during a divorce.

How your friends may have influenced your decision to divorce

If you are going through divorce and have noticed that many others around you seem to be doing the same, there might be a scientific reason why. According to new research, people are more likely to end their marriage a friend or a loved one has also gone through divorce.