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Study: coming clean on infidelity could help save marriage

Many different things can lead to a couple deciding to bring their marriage to an end. One of these things is infidelity. However, infidelity doesn't always prove fatal to a marriage. A recent study indicates that there is one thing in particular that may make a couple more likely to be able to patch things up after an incident of infidelity: the perpetrator of the infidelity coming clean about the incident.

Marriage of balladeer and actress ending

Recently, news has arisen that a singer and an actress are calling it quits when it comes to their marriage. The singer is Richard Marx, who is currently 50. Marx had a string of popular songs in the 80s and 90s, including “Hold On to the Nights,” and “Right Here Waiting.” The actress is Cynthia Rhodes, who is currently 57. Rhodes’ film credits include “Staying Alive” and “Dirty Dancing.”

Unusual divorce bill arises in another state

Divorce is a very rules-filled area of law. Some examples of things states often put regulations on when it comes to divorce include: when a divorce filing can be made, what the timetable is for a divorce and what parties can/cannot do during a divorce. Given the many rules regarding divorce, getting a divorce can sometimes seem like a very intimidating and confusing process. Guidance when it comes to the divorce process is one of the things that experienced family law attorneys can provide to individuals here in Texas.

Study: no connection between pre-marital cohabitation and divorce

There is plenty of conventional wisdom out there about divorce. One such commonly held belief is that a couple will have a greater likelihood of eventually getting divorced if they live together before they get married. A recent study brings into question the accuracy of this piece of conventional wisdom.

Kids' college expenses and divorce negotiations

When parents of young children divorce, one of the major issues that comes up is how the costs associated with the upbringing and care of their children will be divided between them. There are a great many immediate costs to consider when it comes to this issue, such as child care costs, activity costs and medical expenses. With so many immediate costs to consider, divorcing parents may be tempted to not address the issue of who will contribute what to their children's future college expenses in their divorce negotiations and instead put it off until a later date.