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Posts tagged "property division"

Tax considerations in Texas property division matters

Taxes can affect a great many things. They can even have implications in family law matters. For example, tax issues can have impacts in property divisions in divorces, as tax issues are one of the many things Texas courts can take into account in property division matters.

How you divide your stuff now could lead to expenses later

When it comes to divorce, there are a number of processes that must be gone through before couples are allowed to sign the final document that dissolves their marriage for good. One of these processes is one that our Dallas readers may be quite familiar with: property division.

All may be fair in love and war, but not in divorce

In a divorce, one thing both parties are generally incredibly concerned about is what will happen with the various assets that they have. This is understandable given that divorce property divisions have the potential to significantly impact what a person's financial position will be coming out of a divorce. There are many legitimate ways within the legal system that individuals who are getting divorced can utilize to help protect their interests and to fight for their fair share in a property division.

To sell or not to sell? Asset division decisions can get complex

There are many different decisions that can come before a divorcing couple when it comes to division of property. These decisions can sometimes give rise to contentious disputes, as they not only can touch on financial issues, but also emotional ones.

Could Bitcoin be an asset concealment threat in divorces?

One of the main goals when it comes to property division in a divorce should be to come to a fair split of the property. One thing that can get in the way of a fair division is when one party in a divorce conceals assets. Sometimes, unscrupulous individuals will try to hide assets in order to come out of a divorce with more than they are entitled to.

122 million shares ruled to be separate property in Hamm divorce

In divorces, marital assets are subject to division while separate property is not. Thus, which of these two categories a given piece of property is found to be in can be very impactful. One thing that can play a role in whether an asset is considered a marital asset or separate property is the timing of its acquisition. Generally, if a person obtained a piece of property prior to getting married, the property is considered separate property.

Dividing debt during a Texas divorce can be challenging

Property division is a very complex part of the divorce process here in Dallas. A number of married couples have very complicated assets that are not easy to split. And, not only are assets difficult to divide when a marriage ends, but so are debts.