For the Record: Criminal Convictions can Hurt Job Applicants

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2010 | Convictions

Employers across Texas routinely do extensive background checks of applicants, looking for bad credit reports and criminal records. For many job applicants, a conviction on their record — even for a minor offense — can mean they never hear from the employer again.

With the Internet enabling easier background checks than ever before, more and more unemployed people find that past mistakes haunt them in their job searches. Nearly every application for a job asks the job candidate to list any criminal convictions.

In some cases, people with convictions can use the assistance of an attorney to get criminal records sealed or expunged. But that can be a time-consuming process with no guarantee of success in getting a conviction stricken.

How to Successfully Fight Criminal Charges

There’s little doubt that a criminal conviction is a huge hurdle to get over in the job application and job interview process. That’s why it’s so important for everyone facing a criminal charge to fight it as hard as they can.

An experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer understands the importance of a clear and clean record, and the lasting negative impact a criminal record can have on a person’s career and personal life. Not only is it more difficult to obtain a job with a criminal record, but it can also be harder to rent or buy housing, as well as putting a strain on personal relationships with a spouse, family, friends and others.