South Dallas Pastor Accused of Burglarizing Home of Parishioner on Christmas Eve

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2010 | Convictions

Sandra McGriff, pastor at the south Dallas Church of the Living God, spent much of Christmas Day in jail after police caught her breaking into the Oak Cliff home of a parishioner on Christmas Eve.

According to police reports, McGriff broke into the home of Serita Agnew and attempted to steal nearly $10,000 in designer clothing and electronics. A neighbor called police when she saw McGriff climb into Agnew’s home through a broken window. When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered McGriff allegedly loading stolen items into her car.

Even worse, police allege that McGriff provided them with an alias, attacked officers and escaped from a set of handcuffs before they charged her with burglary and resisting arrest. She was released from the Dallas County Jail on Christmas Day after posting $26,000 bail.

Victim of a Misunderstanding?

McGriff, who is a member of a family active in local politics, claims that she is the victim of a misunderstanding. She maintains that a friend sent her to the home to pick up several fur coats and she broke a window because she was unable to find a key under the doormat.

This claim comes as a surprise, however, to Serita Agnew, who denies giving anyone permission to enter her home or take her property. In fact, Agnew told police McGriff had called her about an hour before the burglary occurred. During their conversation, Agnew told McGriff that she was away from her home visiting her daughter.

As police and prosecutors work to uncover the facts surrounding the incident, it is clear that McGriff should contact a criminal defense attorney. A criminal conviction could mean years in prison.